ExTe timber bunks and ExTe automatic tensioners.
ExTe is the world's leading manufacturer of timber bunks and automatic tensioners for the safe transport of timber by road and rail.

Evans' truck and trailer equipment.
Evans Engineering in New Zeeland designs and manufactures among other things truck and trailer equipment.

Midwaggon develops new solutions for profitability on the railways.
Midwaggon stands for innovation, providing rail freight companies with increased competitiveness. New solutions make railway engines and carriages more flexible and more accessible.

Autonordic, found where safety is required.
Autonordic markets and delivers manual tensioners and webbings, along with lashing fixtures of the highest quality; all of which have been tested for tensile strength.

Alucar builds transport vehicles.
Alucar is primarily a superstructure builder of timber trucks with an emphasis primarily on standard products for timber transportation. Alucar also sells aluminium subframe systems throughout the world.

EEAP operates as a business exchange.
EEAP is based in Singapore and markets and sells the Group's and other well-known trademarks within transport systems on the expanding Asian market.